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Welcome to my Portfolio/Writing Highlights Page. Feel free to take a gander of what I believe is some of my best work. You can do so by either clicking onto the Portfolio tab which will bring you here.  But, since you’re already here, just click that link.

Below are some more links (don’t cha just love links? I sure do) of some other work which you may find appealing and/or best fit for your eyes to see. Please, if you do nothing else, enjoy yourself while roaming through the digital streets of She.Is.Splendid. After all, through my writing I aim to bring serenity, smiles & positive vibes to my readers.

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*Note: If you notice there are images missing from the above sites that is due to my no longer writing with them. Unfortunately once I left, they needed to make more room for more content or at least that’s what I think.