Wisdom on Women #1: Alice Walker

Today, I am officially kicking off Wisdom on Women Wednesdays which is also a part of my Weekly Wisdom Series. In today's portion of WOWW,  we will focus on the contributions and accomplishments of Alice Walker. We spoke a little bit about her on Monday but today we will use her story from a different … Continue reading Wisdom on Women #1: Alice Walker

Meet the Founder

Hey world hey! My name is Sophie but not really because technically it’s Sophonie (Sof-uh-nee). But  honestly I never realized what my full name really was until I learned how to write it in Kindergarten. Anyways, for the purpose of this here blog and any other online profiles I am associated with I go by … Continue reading Meet the Founder

Why Women’s History Month??? 

How come there's no (insert society's dominant group here) month? If I had a loan for every time someone asked this question I'd be in debt for eternity. So listen up you non-marginalized peeps and yes I know some of you are also marginalized in different ways BUT that is not the point at hand. … Continue reading Why Women’s History Month???