Daily Quotes of Splendor #7

The minute you begin to desire something, it becomes your wish. Soon following that wish is a desire for that wish to take place which then turns into a dream. Following that dream we have all of these fantasies about when and how we will finally get there. BUT what many of us fail to … Continue reading Daily Quotes of Splendor #7

30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 18

Today's topic is "plans/dreams/goals," that I have. People who know me personally also know that I can go on for days, hell even months explaining my dreams. However, I am learning to be more concise in life. With that said, I'll keep it short and super sweet. One short term goal that I currently have … Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 18

Are You Ok With the Struggle?

There's always this part of me that is full of regret when it comes to my talent or creativity. I'll think to myself well I'll be damned folks like Keke Palmer are literally my age doing the things I've always desired to but I'm nowhere near their status. I really love and admire Keke by … Continue reading Are You Ok With the Struggle?

Focus Friday’s #3: Distracted…or Nah?

Think back to the last time you went to the movies. After the theatre has run its 7,000 trailers back to back causing your assigned show to really start a whole 30 minutes after the time printed on your ticket, there is one more ad that pops up on the screen. As a matter of … Continue reading Focus Friday’s #3: Distracted…or Nah?

YOU define YOUR Success

"As long as you are fulfilling the definition of success for yourself, then you shouldn't worry about the success of others or feel as if you are inadequate."- Ms. Royale In a society as such, it can be easy to get sucked into believing that you must follow a certain status quo in terms of … Continue reading YOU define YOUR Success