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30 Days of Me Challenge: September 2nd

Today’s challenge theme is “The meaning behind your blog’s name.” This is probably one of my favorite ones thus far because the name behind She Is Splendid has great significance to me. I’m usually pretty good at thinking of random but catchy names. However, when thinking of a name for my blog it took a while. In fact, my blog name was first thought of as the name for a nonprofit organization that I have wanted to create for inner city girls for the longest.

Throughout my life I’ve had the chance to be a part of amazing clubs, community organizations and such geared towards the empowerment of young women. One of those being during my time living in Georgia as a middle schooler. One of my mentors, Sister Sam, founded a group called “HerStory,” which was a group that focused on the empowerment, personal development and healing of young women.

A few years later after moving to New Jersey, I found myself apart of another organization but this time in high school. Through the Career Vision Ambassadors program I became an Irvington Scholar under the supervision and mentorship of an amazing woman named Mrs. Sauls. Through being a Scholar I learned important skills on applying to college, job interview skills, and other tips pertaining to professionalism.

While I know this may seem off topic from the original topic, had it not been for the direct influence of Sister Sam or Mama Sauls I don’t think I would have ever had the idea of one day starting a nonprofit. Although at this time in my life I am not in the place to launch that idea,  I do want my blog to feel like a safe space for young women of color and especially black women.

So overall She Is Splendid is meant to be a circle of young women who interact and have dialogues as sisters who are down to have one another’s back. That is the main reason why I searched for a phrase that would have the acronym of S.I.S. which is something I affectionately or jokingly call most of my friends. Also, being the youngest sister of 5 I know how sisterhood feels like a secret club that outsiders may not ever understand. She Is Splendid is meant to keep women empowered, encouraged, and constantly inspired to support other women but also support themselves so that they reach levels they’ve never imagined possible.

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30 Days of Me Challenge: September 1st


Alright so Day 1 is “A recent picture and 15 interest facts about yourself.” Here goes nothing…

  1. I am the 7th & youngest child of my family. 

  2. My first official language was Cringlish (A mix of creole and english).

  3. I’ve been a creative writer since middle school. 

  4. I’ve lived in five different states.

  5. My first semester of college I got kicked out.

  6. I was a teacher once upon a time.

  7. I graduated on crutches.

  8. My first visit to the hospital since birth was due to the above incident. 

  9. I’m obsessed with old school music.

  10. I didn’t get my license or really learn how to drive until I was 20.

  11. Speaking of driving, I forgot how to ride a bike. Yes it’s possible to forget, don’t judge or laugh. 

  12. My middle name is special & unique to me especially because it’s a spinoff of my father’s middle name and according to him he went back to the hospital just to add it onto my birth certificate. 

  13. I rarely if ever take my own advice (I’m working on it y’all).

  14. I’m a Gemini and no I’m not evil just very creative (most of the greats are). 

  15. I’m vegan which for a Haitian that is quite the anomaly. 


Alrighty! That’s all folks, I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. If you’d like to make your own list and would like to share it with me please let me know in the comments below.