Daily Quotes of Splendor #2

If there is anything you should do daily, it's just this one thing: BE GOOD TO YOU. Allow positive energy to flow to, around and through you. If that means removing yourself from circles of gossip, negativity, & personalities that no longer flow with yours, DO THAT! Just be good to you and that's how … Continue reading Daily Quotes of Splendor #2

Blog Update

In order to keep some order in the virtual house of She Is Splendid, I will be posting daily quotes that I have either shared on social media or with friends. I am also going to make #MoreToLifeMonday posts a staple of the blog. I feel like that's going to be new little mission to encourage … Continue reading Blog Update

Closing the Chapter of Yesterday

‪There are chapters in your life that are begging to be closed, but you are unwilling to do so because you're afraid you'll miss that familiarity. In order to move forward or to progress in life you've got to do just that, move forward. Remaining stagnant in a position, a place or a relationship that … Continue reading Closing the Chapter of Yesterday

30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 9- I’m Proud of Me Because…

Something that has made me proud within the last few days is my ability to alternate my focus from negative feelings to the positive. Granted this may not sound grand but for me it is. It's a bad habit of mine to constantly ruminate on issues that I can't seem to fix at the moment. … Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 9- I’m Proud of Me Because…

Be Patient with Your Journey 

Why are you in such a rush to get where you are already destined to be? Recently in a conversation with one of my sisters we discussed the importance of patience & taking your time when it comes to work towards your future goals. While it is important to work hard & discipline yourself, there … Continue reading Be Patient with Your Journey 

Renew Your Mind: DONT PANIC! 

One of my goals for the week is to refrain from overreacting. Often times we over analyze or over think everything without giving our minds time to truly realize what's at play.  Think about the last tough situation you were in, now consider how you reacted automatically to it. Was that reaction that everything is … Continue reading Renew Your Mind: DONT PANIC! 

Focus Friday’s Post #4: Recharge Your Battery

With all this access to information left, right, upside down and right side up, a lot of us can get swept up into the rug of panic at any given moment. Often times before we even consider what it actually going, we freak the f*ck out. Well I am here to tell you…I do the … Continue reading Focus Friday’s Post #4: Recharge Your Battery

More to Life Monday Post #2: Don’t Stay Stuck

You ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself, “Man this bed feels so good. In fact, this is the best bed I’ve ever been in. The sheets so comfortable, so inviting. The pillow comforting and supportive.” By the time you are done obsessing with the beauty that exists within your bed, boom … Continue reading More to Life Monday Post #2: Don’t Stay Stuck

Food for Soul Sundays with Chef Royale

Last but not least in our weekly posts series is Food for Soul Sundays. A common tradition in families of the Black diaspora is to have a huge Sunday dinner right after church. Food for Soul Sundays will feature me as your personal inspiration Chef serving up hot thoughts of encouragement for souls that are … Continue reading Food for Soul Sundays with Chef Royale

Introduction to #FocusFridays

In an effort to help readers to find a peace of mind whenever they take a digital stroll of S.I.S., Focus Fridays are a time to help readjust one's overall focus on life. After a long week we can lose sight of our goal or our vision. Fridays are also those days where a lot … Continue reading Introduction to #FocusFridays

You Deserve Joy!

"In a world full of anger, pain, and hostility you must learn to be good to yourself Do yourself justice by believing and applying this simply fact: you deserve to be filled with joy!"-Ms. Royale Just do one thing for yourself everyday: BE GOOD TO YOU. Allow positive energy to flow around and through to. … Continue reading You Deserve Joy!