Renew Your Mind: DONT PANIC! 

One of my goals for the week is to refrain from overreacting. Often times we over analyze or over think everything without giving our minds time to truly realize what's at play.  Think about the last tough situation you were in, now consider how you reacted automatically to it. Was that reaction that everything is… Continue reading Renew Your Mind: DONT PANIC! 

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More to Life Monday Post #2: Don’t Stay Stuck

You ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself, “Man this bed feels so good. In fact, this is the best bed I’ve ever been in. The sheets so comfortable, so inviting. The pillow comforting and supportive.” By the time you are done obsessing with the beauty that exists within your bed, boom… Continue reading More to Life Monday Post #2: Don’t Stay Stuck

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Enhance Your Surroundings

"Immerse yourself in surroundings that will enhance you, not just the ones that will enchant you."- Ms. Royale The places we go and the people we surround ourselves around plays a major role in how our lives play out. If you are constantly surrounded by those who have the same mindset as you, they can… Continue reading Enhance Your Surroundings