Daily Quotes of Splendor #14

We live in a day and age where everywhere we look people use the misfortunes of others as an escape for their own. Whether this be through reality TV or simply being happy when others fail. It is important to be genuinely happy for others when they are doing well and don't take the pain … Continue reading Daily Quotes of Splendor #14

Daily Quotes of Splendor #9

The places that we go and the people that we surround ourselves with plays a major role in how our lives play out. If you are constantly surrounded by those who have the same mindset as you, they can help you to move forward. Those same people should be willing to motivate and propel you … Continue reading Daily Quotes of Splendor #9

Blog Update

In order to keep some order in the virtual house of She Is Splendid, I will be posting daily quotes that I have either shared on social media or with friends. I am also going to make #MoreToLifeMonday posts a staple of the blog. I feel like that's going to be new little mission to encourage … Continue reading Blog Update

Focus Friday: Being OK With Losing CTRL

Most of us are caught up in this mindset that to lose means you have failed. Anytime you don't find yourself catching that "W"  your mind automatically shifts to this assumption that everything has gone to shit. BUT truth is, it has not. If we could just realize that sometimes when we lose, we are … Continue reading Focus Friday: Being OK With Losing CTRL

Focus Friday’s Post #4: Recharge Your Battery

With all this access to information left, right, upside down and right side up, a lot of us can get swept up into the rug of panic at any given moment. Often times before we even consider what it actually going, we freak the f*ck out. Well I am here to tell you…I do the … Continue reading Focus Friday’s Post #4: Recharge Your Battery

Keep Your Gifts

“Not everything that is in you is for everyone else. There are certain things you must keep for yourself between God, your mind and spirit.”- Ms. Royale Today during my morning prayer & meditation, it occurred to me that I often share nearly all of my afterthoughts from my morning reflection. While I understand my … Continue reading Keep Your Gifts