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To Impact or Impress?

Upon first starting my blog two years ago I automatically felt the need to create this glorified online personality. Being the typical internet crazed millennial that I am, I basically grew up on the internet via YouTube and random blogs that I would frequent. So it only makes sense that I too would eventually venture… Continue reading To Impact or Impress?

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Live Your Best Life RIGHT Now!

Throughout this past year I've been on a self discovery like no other. I've learned to appreciate and see value in parts of my life I had once never seen. I've learned the true power of positive thinking and activated the law of attraction into my life. There's so much more I could dish out… Continue reading Live Your Best Life RIGHT Now!

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More to Life Mondays #1

Today, I am kicking off More to Life Mondays which is a part of my Weekly Wisdom Series. If you didn't get a chance to see what More to Life Mondays are all about, click here for more info. I am proud to start this part of the series off by sharing with you all this… Continue reading More to Life Mondays #1

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You Deserve Joy!

"In a world full of anger, pain, and hostility you must learn to be good to yourself Do yourself justice by believing and applying this simply fact: you deserve to be filled with joy!"-Ms. Royale Just do one thing for yourself everyday: BE GOOD TO YOU. Allow positive energy to flow around and through to.… Continue reading You Deserve Joy!