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Closing the Chapter of Yesterday

‪There are chapters in your life that are begging to be closed, but you are unwilling to do so because you're afraid you'll miss that familiarity. In order to move forward or to progress in life you've got to do just that, move forward. Remaining stagnant in a position, a place or a relationship that… Continue reading Closing the Chapter of Yesterday

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 5-Location, Location

Today's challenge is "A picture of somewhere you've been to." This year thanks to my absolutely wonderful best friend of 10 years, Samantha, I got the chance of visiting the National Museum of African-American History & Culture. When I tell ya a great time was had. I've never in my black ass life been so… Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 5-Location, Location


30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 3

Today's challenge or the challenge for three days ago was for me to show a picture of my animals. I don't currently have any pets but in middle school I had a puppy named Teddy. Teddy was super adorable and had the prettiest brown fur. Unfortunately I had to give Teddy away when my mother… Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 3

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23 Daily Affirmations for Your 20-Somethings

So as the world continues to turn and we all are reminded that we seriously have one life to live (did y'all get the soap opera references? no?...okay nevermind lol) Anyways, in all seriousness it is appearing that more and more of us 20 something year olds are really out here lost in the sauce.… Continue reading 23 Daily Affirmations for Your 20-Somethings

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Focus Friday: 23 Ways To Embrace Your Splendor

Our society is inundated with this blaring message that in order to find love you must first love yourself. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this message, my issue is with the fact that the journey of self-love is often tied with trying to find your “true love.” Why can’t we simply learn to… Continue reading Focus Friday: 23 Ways To Embrace Your Splendor

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stuck in these damn 20-somethings

For Your Enjoyment While Reading 🙂 Remember how as a child your first real dream was to just be 18? Then your next dream was to be somewhere in your 20's. It never really mattered the exact age but you just knew that once your hit your 20's it would be lit asf (as fuck...for… Continue reading stuck in these damn 20-somethings

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Focus Friday #6: Unleash Your Power

So now you know what you're good at and you're ready to take a hold of it by both hands. You are ready to flourish! But there's one element missing. You're not sure how to make it all work. Well let's start this off in the right lane, slow ya roll. The first step should… Continue reading Focus Friday #6: Unleash Your Power