Focus Friday: Your Situation Is Not Your Destination

I am going to keep this sweet, petite and straight to the point. While I do feel like I speak about this topic a lot, I think it is important to do so. Nearly every single week I hear from friends or even strangers online who talk about how they feel stuck in their situation. … Continue reading Focus Friday: Your Situation Is Not Your Destination

Daily Quotes of Splendor #10

Word of the day: Memory. Have you memorized your future plans? If so, do you remember why you started in the first place? If not, go back to that space in your mind in order for you to remember why you began envisioning that future. It can help strengthen your efforts throughout the process.

More to Life Monday: Your Process is Progress

Welcome back to the More to Life Monday series which will be the main post of the blog until further notice. I’ve decided to give this blogging thing another shot and continue producing as much content as possible (within my availability to do so). Also, in the following days, starting tomorrow you will find more … Continue reading More to Life Monday: Your Process is Progress

Blog Update

In order to keep some order in the virtual house of She Is Splendid, I will be posting daily quotes that I have either shared on social media or with friends. I am also going to make #MoreToLifeMonday posts a staple of the blog. I feel like that's going to be new little mission to encourage … Continue reading Blog Update

30 Days of Me Challenge: September 2nd

Today's challenge theme is "The meaning behind your blog's name." This is probably one of my favorite ones thus far because the name behind She Is Splendid has great significance to me. I'm usually pretty good at thinking of random but catchy names. However, when thinking of a name for my blog it took a … Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: September 2nd

23 Daily Affirmations for Your 20-Somethings

So as the world continues to turn and we all are reminded that we seriously have one life to live (did y'all get the soap opera references? no?...okay nevermind lol) Anyways, in all seriousness it is appearing that more and more of us 20 something year olds are really out here lost in the sauce. … Continue reading 23 Daily Affirmations for Your 20-Somethings

Check Your Surroundings 

Tip of the day: Check your surroundings. Are you around people who will help to reconstruct you or deconstruct you? Are you going to the places that resonate with what who you are and what your spirit needs? Are you saying, thinking and eating the right things?  Are you simply dreaming or doing? How's your … Continue reading Check Your Surroundings