Daily Quotes of Splendor #13

Sometimes we can get discouraged by the present circumstances but we've got to keep our focus on our goals. Recently I've been studying for the GRE's (grad school exam) and I must admit it is quite scary/difficult. But after having a Debbie downer moment (yes I have those too) I realized that perhaps my study … Continue reading Daily Quotes of Splendor #13

More to Life Mondays/MamaDay Motivation

Along with the other weekly posts will be More to Life Mondays and MamaDay Motivation. These days will be interchangeable for every other Monday. For the days called More to Life, posts will primarily focus on giving people hope, motivation and inspiration to take life to another level. MamaDay is meant to be a play … Continue reading More to Life Mondays/MamaDay Motivation

Solutions Outweigh the Problems

"So many problems, so many solutions! Stop making certain situations a problem when they don't need to be. Rather, focus on the fact that there is more than likely a way out of those situations."-Ms. Royale