More to Life Monday: Sometimes Life Sucks but…'s how to make it suck less. Yeah, yeah I know this blog is meant to uplift people and inspire them throughout their day BUT I feel I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't offer up some raw unedited feelings from time to time. I've discussed this in previous posts and I'm sure … Continue reading More to Life Monday: Sometimes Life Sucks but…

Focus Friday’s Post #5: Free Ya Mind

Imagine a life where you did not worry what others said about you. I mean like for real NOTHING anyone said could phase you. Now think about how much we criticize ourselves simply so that other people can tolerate us or accept us in this world. We go through great lengths to be treated right … Continue reading Focus Friday’s Post #5: Free Ya Mind

Food for Soul Sundays with Chef Royale

Last but not least in our weekly posts series is Food for Soul Sundays. A common tradition in families of the Black diaspora is to have a huge Sunday dinner right after church. Food for Soul Sundays will feature me as your personal inspiration Chef serving up hot thoughts of encouragement for souls that are … Continue reading Food for Soul Sundays with Chef Royale

Introduction to #FocusFridays

In an effort to help readers to find a peace of mind whenever they take a digital stroll of S.I.S., Focus Fridays are a time to help readjust one's overall focus on life. After a long week we can lose sight of our goal or our vision. Fridays are also those days where a lot … Continue reading Introduction to #FocusFridays

Solutions Outweigh the Problems

"So many problems, so many solutions! Stop making certain situations a problem when they don't need to be. Rather, focus on the fact that there is more than likely a way out of those situations."-Ms. Royale

So Many Problems, So Many Solutions!

So often we get caught up thinking that the issues we have are unsolvable. Well guess what? That's a lie! Like Isaac Newton said, "For¬†every action there is a reaction," and the same goes for life's tribulations.¬† For every issue, there is a tissue. Ok, that was a little whack/corny. But you get the point! … Continue reading So Many Problems, So Many Solutions!