More to Life Monday: Exit Self Doubt, Enter Self-Belief

Your journey of success begins only when you believe in yourself & I mean really BELIEVE. Nothing anyone says to you about how good you are will matter or register until you actually take that to heart. Is your heart beating? Do you feel your lungs pumping that oxygen? That means you've still got life … Continue reading More to Life Monday: Exit Self Doubt, Enter Self-Belief


"Stop being scared of new moments, instead get excited! Be happy for these brand new moments because you're going to learn and grow from them."-Ms. Royale New moments mean new memories to be made. Let go of your fears and live in those moments even if that means allowing those butterflies in your tummy to … Continue reading Untitled…

"It is okay not to be okay sometimes. One bad feeling, emotion or moment shouldn't dictate how you go on about your day or your life for that matter."-Ms. Royale Take some time to feel what you are feeling, accept that state of mind for the moment but do not allow it to overwhelm you.

Your Life Rules

"You don't have to play like everyone else in order to win the game."-Ms. Royale **Side note: Focus on your own self, your own lane and what you want your own future to be like not that of others because at the end of the day YOU are the only one who will face YOU … Continue reading Your Life Rules