Blog Facelift…Pending

Upon my initial venture into the blogger-sphere I wanted this blog to reflect my undying love and support for my fellow WOC and especially black women and girls (See home page/about page). However, I found myself going in multiple directions because as the true Gemini that I am being one sided would be painful. Thus,… Continue reading Blog Facelift…Pending

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 12-Why Do I Blog?

Today's challenge asks "How did I find out about blogging and why do I blog." Well I've known about blogging since I was in middle school or so which is also around the time YouTube began to make waves. Honestly most of the blogs that I'd frequent around that time were pertaining to Natural Hair… Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 12-Why Do I Blog?

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Focus Friday’s #3: Distracted…or Nah?

Think back to the last time you went to the movies. After the theatre has run its 7,000 trailers back to back causing your assigned show to really start a whole 30 minutes after the time printed on your ticket, there is one more ad that pops up on the screen. As a matter of… Continue reading Focus Friday’s #3: Distracted…or Nah?