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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 30- That’s My Jam!

In the spirit of trying to KISS..Keep It Simple Sophie, I will simply post the song and try not explain much. Just know that I love Nina Simone, she was one of the greatest to ever do it, her music has been sampled in damn near all of my favorite Hip Hop classics, and this song just makes me feel like I’m in a movie whenever I hear it.

Okay so the challenge asked for your favorite song and I have too many to count so this was super hard. But I am going to go with “Feeling Good,” because it genuinely makes me feel good. Everyday is a new day, and a new dawn. Thank you Auntie Nina for this timeless classic! Continue resting in power and love.

With that said and with the song sung, that wraps up my September 30 Day Challenge. I came, I blogged, and I posted. Now I’m ready to flip the chapter to October, it’s a new day and a new dawn full of chances to continue manifesting my dreams 🙂



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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 29- Lessons on Lessons

In the past month, what have you learned

I have learned that my body is way stronger than I sometimes believe it to be.

I already have the tools necessary to design my future.

There is literally nothing you can’t achieve if your heart, mind and soul are in the right place while being on one accord.

Your body is the vessel given to you by God to navigate through this journey called life so one of the most important jobs you have is to treat it well with daily upkeep from the foods you consume and the energy you allow to remain around you.

Overall, that is what I have learned within this last month. As we move closer to the year’s end I am even more motivated to continue with my path of self love and discovery. Here’s to more lessons on lessons, and blessings on blessings. I am ready to grow into destiny. In the words of Kelly from Insecure

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 28- That was Then, This is Now

Today’s Topic: A picture from you last year and now, how have you changed?

The picture on the left is from my time living in Atlanta for the summer & the one on the right is from a few weeks ago. I can’t even begin to explain how much I have changed since then. I will try to keep it simple…y’all know I struggle with that. But physically I cut my hair right after graduation and before moving to the south. This year I allowed my hair to grow back and have moved back up north.

Last year I was still recovering from some personal pain and couldn’t seem to get over certain things. This year I am way more in tune with my spirit and what it needs. I am no longer harboring hard feelings towards past hurt or from those who may have inflicted that hurt upon me. I’ve also gone from wanting to consume all types of food with the mentality of “We’re gonna die one day anyways,” to now thinking “I must eat to live NOT live to eat.

This year I honestly love myself a whole lot more.


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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 27- The Reason

Today’s Topic: Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

I’ve probably mentioned this in prior posts but I started this challenge to build my consistency within my blog. When I first began taking my blog more serious I built a schedule around it with several topics for each week. However, I quickly realized that I was doing the absolute most. After attending a bloggers conference back in August I also realized something, I am way too eccentric to have my blog centered on one thing. One of the sessions I attended heavily focused on this idea of a “nicheless blog,” so I took that idea and have been thinking about it for a while now. I used this challenge as a way to see how it feels to navigate from topic to topic on a daily basis without one set idea or theme. I just wanted to see how it would feel and as aforementioned remain consistent. Although I did skip a few days and then backdate the posts later, I still made sure to hit every topic. So thanks to this challenge I’ve broke the status quo of my blog just being an inspirational blog, it’s nicheless but the underlying theme will always be to inspire others in some way.


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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 26- What About Your Friends?

Today’s topic simply asks “What do you think about your friends?” Well this one’s easy. I think my friends are absolutely SPLENDID. I often say that I am extremely blessed to have the friends that I do. Being an individual who tends to be really awkward, shy, introverted but also a fake extrovert in certain situations, you can imagine making friends was a little difficult growing up. However, no matter how hard I always found my group of friends that matched my introverted awkwardness well.

But, the beauty of my friendships is that they span across the many places I’ve had the chance of living in. I have friends from elementary, middle and high school or still around in some capacity. There are some friends who although we don’t communicate often, we can still pick right back up where we left off with no hard feelings. I think that overall my friends are dope because of the energy I put out into the world. This is not to sound conceited but we truly attract people in our lives who are reflections of ourselves.

Therefore, for the friends I have attracted in my life who have leeched off of me or used me, that simply means that was a time in my life when that was the energy I was putting out. On the flip side, now that I have come to the point where I am truly loving myself and focusing on keeping a flow of positivity energy in my life I am also attracting friendships that are full of positivity.


The Cast of Girlfriends (Source)

Overall, I like to think of all my friends as the different friend groups I’ve seen portrayed on TV while growing up. Some of my friends and I embody a little bit of the cast from Girlfriends, but then other times we’re Raven & Chelsea from That’s So Raven.


As of right now, a great number of my girls and I are more like the ladies from Living Single except most of us are too broke to afford our own place together.


The Ladies of Living Single aka one of the best sitcoms (Source)

My favorite thing about all of my friends is our flexibility in terms of our conversations and how we support one another. My bestie Sam and I remind me a lot of Molly and Issa from the show Insecure. We support one another through EVERYTHING but also aren’t afraid to let each other know when it is time to as Sam often says “DO BETTER!” So just as much as we can let our hair down, we know when to wrap that hair up for the night in a bonnet and get our shit together.


Our Conversations Can Go From…(Source)


To This Real Quick (Source)

Nevertheless, my friends are super awesome and I love them all dearly for so many different reasons. We all bond over the struggle that is our early 20s and it’s simply a beautiful train wreck of sadness met with gif/meme wars via damn near every social media platform. But all in all we are getting our lives together one day at a time. So to all my kick ass, badassery, college educated, talented, artistic, women of faith, activist, warrior, womanist, feminist, and flawless friends I owe you all a toast. When I’m ballin’, drinks on my ladies!

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 25- Bag Lady

Today’s topic is kind of funny to me because for 1) I love Erykah Badu’s song Bag Lady and 2) Ever since I began wearing purses I’ve always been considered the bag lady. No matter what you needed in school, believe me I would have it for you. From lotion to body spray, band aids etc. I’ve toned it down a little as of late but there was literally a time in high school when I walked around with a mini first aid kit. My friends would laugh at me for it but I bet you can guess who they’d hit up if they scraped their leg in gym class. I was also the “plug” for the gum back in the day but I no longer chew gum so don’t hit me up for it.


The Contents of My Purse This Week…ignore the spoon y’all or don’t…


As of right now, you would still find lotion and other hygienic products in my bag. Of course you would also find a wallet, random earring studs or backs to earrings, a bottle of water (I never leave home without it), some lip balm, a small brush or comb if I’m wearing one of my wigs that day, and lately I carry around my eyebrow brush.

A Closeup…I clearly love me some Bath & Body Works 😉

Lately, I’ve also been carrying around a book to keep me from aimlessly scrolling through social media during my times of boredom in the day. Sometimes you will also find my idea book along with my planner depending on where I am headed for the day.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound as junky as I assumed it would. Now in the words of Capital One, what’s in your wallet or purse?


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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 24- Books Galore

One of my favorite hobbies growing up was reading and later came my love of writing as well. Anyways, due to my love for reading I have always been given books as gifts from family and close friends. So it saddens me that this challenge only asks for “3 books on my shelf,” because I have a huge collection of books (many of which I haven’t read just yet LOL but still). Below you will find the top three books on my bookshelf at the moment and the pictures of them as well.

  1. By Any Greens Necessary

I picked up this gem one of my favorite spots in New Orleans called the Community Book Center. During that time I didn’t fully consider the possibility of me going vegan but it was definitely a thought for me to at least try to be vegetarian at some point. Even though I went vegan back in July, I didn’t really start reading this book until early September.


Anyways, not only is the title super catchy with its play on Malcolm X’s infamous “By any means necessary,” quote but it is also chock full of facts about the food industry, how to eat healthier through choosing a plant based diet and even has tons of recipes as well. If you are considering changing up your diet or want to learn more about how to revolutionize your eating habits this is the book for you!

2. Acts of Faith

At the beginning of this year I made a few goals, some that I’ve achieved and some that I haven’t which goes without saying. Nevertheless, one of the goals was to return to well balanced diet, start up a consistent workout routine and to read this book daily. Granted I started off shaky, as of the last few months I’ve made it a habit. The overarching theme for this year has been “To remain consistent.” So by taking about a minute or two at breakfast I read another daily meditation and try to keep it in mind through the day. I truly appreciate the wisdom and lessons that Iyanla shares through this book.

Also, as you can see from the wear & tear I really do love this book LOL. Don’t judge me 😛


3. One Day It’ll All Make Sense

Last but certainly not least is a book I’ve had on my shelf for a few years now. Back in 2013 my college hosted an event with Common as the headliner. No, it wasn’t a concert which I would’ve loved to attend but rather Common dropped about an hour’s worth of wisdom through a speech which was followed by audience questions. I appreciated his authenticity and how willing he was to share details of his humble beginnings. 20131015_205633.jpg

Anyways, towards the end of the event we got the chance to purchase his book. After reading it I felt so much more connected to him, his story and his music. I had always been a fan of his music but after meeting him I became an admirer of his path to success. This book is definitely due to be read a second time.

Common & I at the Common LIVE event at Montclair State University, 2013

As I reminisce on my feelings that night and after reading the book I truly am beginning to understand why I have had to go through certain things. One day it truly will all make sense, I may not receive an answer for it all but more likely than not I will have a reason for most of it.


P.S. Shout out to Common for telling me to “Stay Royale,” because I sure have done just that. Forever Royale ; )

Alright, your turn! What are three books on your bookshelf or what three of your favorite books?

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 23- In the Mood for…

Day 23 Topic: Something You Crave A Lot

(Oprah voice) I love breaaaad!!!!


Ok just joking, though I actually do really love bread. However, as of late one thing I’ve craved a whole lot is bananas. Yes B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! Bananas and kale (not as a combo, although kale in a smoothie is super healthy). Months ago I would’ve said chocolate which I still hold dear to my heart. However, since going the plant based diet lifestyle I have fallen in love with bananas and kale.

If there is anything you will find in my fridge the most aside from spinach, there will be kale as well (ha, that rhymed). I know this all sounds super weird to some people but I’m not even joking y’all. I used to be a major spinach lover when it came to veggies and especially greens, but I am now a bonafide kale loving gal! I especially love tossing them up with some olive oil and garlic powder then baking them to make chips out of them. Boy oh boy, are those tasty…but so is bread!

Alrighty, so what are some things you all crave? Doesn’t have to be food but please keep it PG LOL ; )


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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 22- Who’s That Girl?

Today’s topic is actually quite interesting to me. “What makes you different from everybody else?” is such a broad and complex question for me. On this journey of self discovery and personal development within the last few months I’ve indulged in countless YouTube videos that discuss this topic. Many videos I’ve seen and posts that I’ve read often say that in order to make it in any industry you must be set apart. You’ve got to show the world your uniqueness. What makes you stand out and makes other want to draw near to you? Well, what happens when you have several things that make you stand out, then what?


Don’t be a jack of all trades & a master of none…they say (Source)

Every time that I have thought about this question I honestly had no clue what to really say. I mean, I’m the child of Haitian immigrants but so are several of my friends. I’m from Jersey but so are tons of people. I’ve moved around quite a lot throughout my life. I come from a two parent family home but have also experienced living with a single mother as well. I grew up in a Christian home and while I still subscribe to those beliefs, I am also more understanding of other faiths as well. I have a college degree but once again many people do nowadays. Also, I’m pretty much completely in love with being a Black woman and Pro-Black especially because while growing up I didn’t fully see the beauty in being Black portrayed in media. I’ve always been heavily into media so this was a huge part of my childhood. Anyways, now that I do see the beauty of my culture I can’t get enough of it.

Now, while all of these details describe me quite well. It doesn’t really make me that different but one thing I have noticed about myself is that due to all of these different experiences I have developed a personality that is quite complex. Then again, I am a Gemini so it could have a lot do with that too or not. But on a serious note, as of late I have found myself confused about how I want my future to look.


Artwork Inspired by Queen Rihanna who is definitely a Queen of Many Crowns (Source)

Random but related backstory: During high school I was definitely what one would consider to be a “jack of all trades,” or as I like to call myself “a queen of many crowns.” I not only was a part of JROTC but also participated in the annual fashion show. All the while still being on the E-Board of both Student Council and National Honor Society and being on the Tennis and Track Team. (Yes all of that & managed to have amazing grades in honors classes) This love for jumping from activity to activity didn’t stop because it followed me in college as well. From being on the E-Board of the Caribbean Student Organization to being a member of the National Honor Society for Psychology and at the same time being an RA with at least 2-3 other campus side jobs. I’ve always had a desire to do more than others. Not to compare myself or one up anyone but I seriously enjoy having my hand in more than one pot, it is fulfilling to me. 

I guess I’m saying all this because I recently discovered this summer that I am what some call a Multipotentialite or Polymath. There are actually several different words to describe this type of person. Regardless of the title, I now know I am one. I caught myself crying the other day because I couldn’t (still can’t) for the life of me decide exactly what I want to attend grad school for or if I even want to do so.

I have tons of ideas for how my future can go. I know what some of you all might be saying, “Girl, at least you’ve got ideas!” This is true and I value my creative brain, I do. However, it comes to a point where indecisiveness begins to weigh on you. Also, living in a society where specializing in one thing is still largely embrace or taught in schools causes me anxiety about how successful I can actually be in this world.

With that said, I guess what sets me apart from most people is that I am a Multipotentialite. I have ideas galore and though it appears impossible for me, I want to explore all of those ideas even in the slightest of ways. 


Multipotentialite Defined (Source)

Before I go, I want to share with you all a message my good friend, Bria, sent me the other day as I was venting to her. She mentioned the multi-talented, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. As I was venting to Bria, I expressed that there was no way I would be able to do everything I wanted to but she quickly reminded me that Donald Glover did. Donald whose musical stage name is Childish Gambino has done stand up comedy, he’s a rapper (with dope music), he’s been a DJ, a producer, director, a writer and the list goes on. 


Donald Glover at the 2017 Emmy’s with two of his wins (Source)

Granted, he and I are not the same. Hell no one is, that’s what this post is basically about. But, one thing’s for sure we can look to others for inspiration. Below is what Bria texted me. It put things in perspective for me. Yes, it will take some pulling and pushing but if in fact I desire to be way more than what I am today I’ve got to step into the water whether it be hot or ice cold.


The Text from Bria ❤

Donald Glover has tried it all and been pretty damned good at it all too. So why can’t I at least try to do all that I desire to do? No one is physically or even mentally stopping me from doing so except for myself. After all most of history’s greatest thinkers were also Multipotentialites as well (i.e Aristotle, Leonardo DaVinci, Maya Angelou, and Eleanor Roosevelt). 

P.S. Shout out to Donald Glover for making history at the Emmy’s as the first black person to win an Emmy for Outstanding Directing In a Comedy Series. We are all rooting for you to continue making strides in the industry of music, film, writing, and comedy too!



Alright, y’all I must apologize for this post being a little bit all over the place but I do know you got my point. Right? I hope you did LOL. Regardless, what makes you different from others? What’s the splendid part of you that no one else can mirror or copy? I would love to hear about it, so please share below 🙂

Also, for those who might feel similar to me, maybe you are also a Multipotentialite or as we were called in the old days “Renaissance man or woman.” You can click here to access more info about what it means to be one and take a quiz to see if you are. Chances are if you are thinking it then you probably are one. 

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 21- …Because I’m Happy!

Today’s Challenge: A Picture of Something That Makes You Happy

This one was simple for me. The first thing I thought about was the struggle of college and how I pushed through anyways to finally receive my Bachelor’s Degree. So of course whenever I see my degree I am more than happy. Shout out to the [best] class of 2016!


Your turn, what is something that makes you happy whenever you see it? Comment below.

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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 20- Meet Me at the Altar

Today’s challenge is slightly strange to me because it’s a topic that I’m a bit conflicted about. The topic for day 20 is “Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.” This whole idea of marriage is something that I am completely at peace with in terms of myself. So honestly to answer this topic I would just say, “nope, not for me,” but for the purpose of this I’ll play along.

If I were to ever meet someone at the altar, I would want this person to be extremely laid back like myself. Not too laid back to the point where they fall back and don’t take care of business but I would need them to be a little free spirited. I would also want this individual to have a love for God and have respect for the spiritual world.

This person would also have to be extremely driven and determined to reach their goals in life. They would definitely need to be educated enough to engage in intellectual conversations with me BUT be fun enough to spit lyrics to Juvenile’s Back Dat Ass Up on any given day. This person would have to compassionate, generous, and have a huge heart for others. They would also have to be socially aware and overall understanding of issues from multiple perspectives.

All in all, whomever (if ever) I were to marry needs to be able to match my vibe on so many levels. I’m sure there are other tiny bits of info I could insert into this post but for the most if I were to marry someone they would have to have at least half of these qualities.

But, I am only 23 with no plans of moving in the direction of marriage anytime soon. Plus, I’m more attracted to the Oprah and Shonda Rhimes kind of “no marriage/get money,” wave at the moment. Kudos to those bad-ass successful women!

I don’t really have an open ended question for you all today but I guess I’ll say, write 3 words that would describe your ideal boo, bae or spouse. Comment below!

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