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30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 13- Letter to Mr. Unappreciative

Today's challenge was really difficult for me to write. All day at work I considered writing a letter to my 15 year old self instead but once I got home I realized that this was important for healing purposes. The challenge called for me to "Write a letter to someone who hurt [me] recently." So… Continue reading 30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 13- Letter to Mr. Unappreciative

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SatDay Shorts 1: A Collection of Short Stories

Welcome to the first part of the Monthly Series: SatDay Shorts: A Collection of Short Stories! Short Stories are simply stories that one writes with no intentions of engaging in tedious amounts of editing, extended jargon, or novel length requirements. A short story is pretty much what it says in the name, it is SHORT.… Continue reading SatDay Shorts 1: A Collection of Short Stories

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More to Life Mondays/MamaDay Motivation

Along with the other weekly posts will be More to Life Mondays and MamaDay Motivation. These days will be interchangeable for every other Monday. For the days called More to Life, posts will primarily focus on giving people hope, motivation and inspiration to take life to another level. MamaDay is meant to be a play… Continue reading More to Life Mondays/MamaDay Motivation

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Introduction to #FocusFridays

In an effort to help readers to find a peace of mind whenever they take a digital stroll of S.I.S., Focus Fridays are a time to help readjust one's overall focus on life. After a long week we can lose sight of our goal or our vision. Fridays are also those days where a lot… Continue reading Introduction to #FocusFridays