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Focus Friday: Being OK With Losing CTRL

Most of us are caught up in this mindset that to lose means you have failed. Anytime you don't find yourself catching that "W"  your mind automatically shifts to this assumption that everything has gone to shit. BUT truth is, it has not. If we could just realize that sometimes when we lose, we are… Continue reading Focus Friday: Being OK With Losing CTRL

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stuck in these damn 20-somethings

For Your Enjoyment While Reading ūüôā Remember how as a child your first real dream was to just be 18? Then your next dream was to be somewhere in your 20's. It never really mattered the exact age but you just knew that once your hit your 20's it would be lit asf (as fuck...for… Continue reading stuck in these damn 20-somethings


Be Patient with Your Journey 

Why are you in such a rush to get where you are already destined to be? Recently in a conversation with one of my sisters we discussed the importance of patience & taking your time when it comes to work towards your future goals. While it is important to work hard & discipline yourself, there… Continue reading Be Patient with Your Journey¬†


Check Your Surroundings 

Tip of the day: Check your surroundings. Are you around people who will help to reconstruct you or deconstruct you? Are you going to the places that resonate with what who you are and what your spirit needs? Are you saying, thinking and eating the right things?  Are you simply dreaming or doing? How's your… Continue reading Check Your Surroundings¬†