She Is Splendid aka S.I.S. started off as an idea completely different from the one it has blossomed into today. After about three years now of blogging, epiphany after epiphany and reflection after reflection I now know what I really want to blog about which is ultimately (drumroll please).


As a Gemini I have so many interests, ideas, and ultimately passions. For some that might seem over the top or even disorganized. But, when you are a self proclaimed renaissance woman, none of that matters. On that note, it’s official She.Is.Splendid has gone NICHELESS….well sorta. I’m still here to motivate others, that won’t ever change.

With that said, I have found that while this blogging journey has and will always be about inspiring others, it is also mostly about inspiring myself simultaneously. So you can find pretty much anything that I think is super splendid and inspirational in different ways. 

Here you will find original quotes, short stories, articles, and other forms of literary pieces. While most content will be original, I will share content that I also enjoy from other creatives (with credit to them of course). 

You may also come across food, recipes that I want to try or have tried. On some days you’ll get to learn about my Haitian roots & why I am so proud to be a descendant of Haiti. Then other days you may stumble across random facts about music that I love especially Hip-Hop and may even catch a video of me showing my best moves to these songs. 

Regardless, I can guarantee that overall you will be inspired or at least leave with a smile plastered to your beautiful face. Allow yourself to take from this what it is you need for emotional well-being and comfort.



Serenity, Smiles & Positive vibes,





Ms. Royale


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