More to Life Monday: The Weight of Your Dreams

Happy More to Life Monday everyone!

It’s been a while but I am trying my best to keep up with all of my platforms and keep my creative endeavors flowing. In fact, it is one of my biggest dreams to live a life where I can enjoy all of my passions by connecting them with one another.

Anyhoo, this post isn’t about’s about you!

Who me?

Yes, you! The one who clicked on this post. We’ve all been there, waiting around for our dreams to magically begin manifesting. We think that all it takes is some affirmations, visualizing, mediating, praying and keeping up the faith. However, we often miss a key ingredient when cooking up this stew of making our visions come true. 

Don’t feel bad! We all do it but we must learn how to stop doing this. You’ve got to do the work in order to bear the fruit. If there is no labor, there will also be no fruit to enjoy at the end of the day.

So how can I make this happen, you may ask. Well, the first step is to unleash and release your dreams. An idea or a thought is a beautiful thing but allowing those ideas to remain a thought is what holds many of us back. Some of us may go as far as writing it down but there are no action steps planned out. The there are some of us who do plan but we don’t stick to the plans. 


Whichever description applies to you is okay but you have to check yourself in order to understand why you are currently stagnant. Reflect on that and figure out what steps will bring you closer to releasing your dreams. Is it a fear of what others will say? Is it the fear that you won’t be supported? Is it a fear of failure or even success? 

“You’ve got to do the work in order to bear the fruit. If there is no labor, there will also be no fruit to enjoy at the end of the day.”

Regardless of what factors are holding you back, please keep in mind that you will never know the weight of or worth of your dreams until you let them out. Let those dreams flourish out here in the world and eventually you will too.

You may think what you’re doing is small but in the end it becomes larger than life. You have that dream for a reason. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from releasing that out into the atmosphere.

Your dreams are heavy and your success will weigh a ton but the work has to get done!

P.S. I told myself that I wouldn’t let this out yet but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t. One of my dreams has always been to provide individuals with daily reminders of living their dreams.

One of the ways that I believed this to be possible is through creating fun, cute and stylish merchandise. Last Friday something sparked in me to finally create those items and you can find them here on TeeSpring. (Please click the link.)

The first collection is based off of my favorite phrase that I coined specifically for my blog which you can see below. So please support a budding creative who is also trying to support her dreams. 

Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,



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