A Free-Write: Holding ME Back

I’ve been getting so many signs lately that I’m on the right path & that things I’ve desired since my childhood are going to come true.

So much fear. So much pain. So much trauma. So much anxiety has held me back from truly pursuing all of these things.

But not anymore. I will no longer allow those issues to hold me back. Most importantly, I won’t allow me to hold me back anymore.

Not many will admit when they’re in their own way but damn it I will. I stay standing in my way thinking there’s another way around myself by placing blame on other factors. The truth is though sometimes it is just us. Just us staying stagnant. Just us giving up before trying. Just us not giving ourselves enough credit. Just us not forgiving ourselves. Just us allowing others to play us and standing up for what we deserve.

Sometimes it’s just us standing in our own fuckin’ way.

As I always say, take from this post what you can. It’s a more of a free write as I sit at the bank waiting to close my accounts for a new bank. I just started typing something on my insta story then paused. I thought to myself “Damn this can be a good ass blog post.” So here I am getting out of my own way.

There are some days I want I blog or make a video and I feel it has to be perfect. But I saw a tweet recently regarding not waiting for something to be perfect before you share it with the world. Yeah there’s nothing wrong with preparing and of course editing.

However, the moment where you begin to procrastinate over perfection is the moment you need to JUST do the thing. Who cares?! Most people aren’t paying attention to your flaws. A lot more people are either too busy minding their own business or actually admiring you from afar. Then there are others who could care less about you or what you’re doing.

I know this is all mumbled and jumbled up but this me just laying it all out on the table for you all.

In fact, I like this type of writing. It’s more freeing to me. Be on the look out for more free writing posts like this. It reminds me of school when my English teachers would give us time to just write in our cow complexioned notebooks. Good times.

Anyways, I want you all to remember not to hold yourselves back today. You deserve the joy, and peace you desire. Go for it.

Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,

Ms. Royale


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