More to Life Monday: Rebirth

The idea of being reborn or being renewed in some way is a concept we find across many religions and schools of thought. We may not all call it the same thing but that is essentially what it is. Today’s More to Life Monday post will center on this idea in a very brief way but as always, I want you all take from it what you can.

Recently on July 27th the earth experienced a blood moon and a lunar eclipse which was actually the longest one we’ve had in the 21st century. According to Elite Daily it lasted 103 minutes. Now you all may be thinking “Ms. Royale, where are you going with this? What’s all this moon talk about?” Well hold your precious horses, I will tell you in a little bit.

The Lunar Eclipse and the Blood Moon took place only a few days before the month of August and it is said that both of these occurrences bring about immense change for the entire world. Now remember when I mentioned being renewed in regards to religion or spirituality? No? If not, go back to the beginning of this post. Keep up!

super moon on silhouette cloud in red sky


Nonetheless, I remember years ago when I would attend church religiously, my pastor at the time had a sermon about August and it being the 8th month of the year. He preached about how important it is because the number 8 represents “New Beginnings.” I didn’t fully understand the concept but something about it hit me. During that time my family was going through an extremely hard familial issue and I needed a constant reminder that life, although difficult, can always bring about a chance for change. I was only in middle school at that time but that sermon has stuck with me since.

Recently I did more research and found some sources that spoke more in depth about the number 8 in the Bible. It appears that 8 reoccurs in the script plenty of times marking a new beginning or a fresh start of some sort. One site specifically says “The number eight in the Bible signifies Resurrection and Regeneration.” Think about those words y’all, “resurrection..regeneration.” These are both powerful words marking an intense start to something that has died and has come up again.

With that in mind, the idea that we have a chance to be reborn, renewed and revitalized in so many different ways is absolutely sacred to me. Many of us feel as though once January hits, it is time for change and if we fall off of the metaphorical horse of goals that we have failed indefinitely. But that is far from the truth. If you believe that change is possible in your life then it is, period. There is nothing more to it. I might sound insane to some people but it’s true. If you have made it to another day then a new beginning is very much so possible.

growing and nurturing a young plant

Let’s take it a step further. How many times have you wanted something in life or wanted to achieve something and you got it? You may have thought nothing of it once you obtained that thing or reached that level of success. After a while it became normal to you. Think about all the times you’ve envisioned something and it happened. You went through a process before it happened but eventually it did. So please remember what you desire in life, it is possible, you are possible. However, you must focus on what you want to accomplish, believe that it can happen and of course do the work then you are on your way to resurrecting your journey of dreams coming true.


I say all this to say, the month of August is merely 2 days away and if you have been feeling as if you need to make a change, there is no better month then this one to make it. The Bible says it, the stars say it and so many more schools of thoughts do too. This month is absolutely your month to restart or start working towards that dream you’ve had all year or even all your life. So let’s get started on this process and rebirth those dreams you thought were defeated.






Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,






Ms. Royale



2 thoughts on “More to Life Monday: Rebirth

  1. This is so interesting because you know August is also when school typically starts. I’ll be starting my own new beginning soon so I find this post very relevant. New beginnings can be challenging but they are a necessary part of life.


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