More to Life Monday: Maybe You’re Just Lazy

How many times have you gone on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and seen your peers living what appears to be their best life? You sit there and think to yourself, “My goodness, what the hell am I doing with my life?” For those who aren’t as tech savvy or are from an older generation where social media doesn’t interest you much, this can look different. Perhaps, you’ve lived in a certain area for years and you constantly see your neighbors revamping their house. Maybe you graduated from college and you see those you went to school with continuously elevating their education and now they are about three degrees hotter. You sit thinking to yourself, “No really, what am I doing with my life?” or “I should be doing more with myself.”

“In today’s world, everything seems to be amplified from the news to how people portray their lives and therefore our feelings of self doubt have also become more amplified.”

Well the good news is, you’re not alone. The bad news is, you might just be lazy. Maybe those thoughts keep recurring because you truly haven’t done anything with yourself lately. However, there’s a better chance that it’s far from the truth. In today’s world, everything seems to be amplified from the news to how people portray their lives and therefore our feelings of self doubt have also become more amplified.

This is why it is important to keep yourself in check when these thoughts come to mind. Of course, everyday you won’t feel the best about yourself and maybe some days you truly will just be lazy. But, that doesn’t diminish or defeat who you are. Your productivity doesn’t define who you are as a person. Allow yourself time to rest, recharge, and figure out what your next step is.

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I for one always fall into this mindset that I must stay ON all the time. Being that I have had quite a few career/job changes since graduating college, I can sometimes feel all over the place. Watching my peers, friends and even family walk in their path with what appears to be a clear direction can sometimes make me feel that I totally screwed my life up. Then I get into the pattern of simply sitting around thinking, resting, scrolling through social media or quite honestly basking in my own self thrown pity extravaganza. Whenever any of those things occur, I quickly feel as if I should be working. So thanks to my busy body nature, I hop up to just do something, anything. But, that isn’t the way life has to be.

“But, that doesn’t diminish or defeat who you are. Your productivity doesn’t define who you are as a person.”

Don’t try to be so productive to the point that you don’t even know what it is that you are doing. Don’t just do things to do them, each step should be taken with purpose and with intention. Although, I am one to say it’s best to at least start something rather than doing nothing at all. I am also one to say that it is better to have a game plan before making a major move. Trust me, I’ve done the opposite many times and still have a twinge of regret due to the results.

Regardless, I want you all to be reminded that you are not lazy and you do deserve rest. Also, I found a great article titled It’s Not Laziness You Need To Overcome {6 Things You Are Instead of Lazy},that actually gave me inspiration for this post and I think you all will truly enjoy it. It explains that laziness doesn’t truly exist and instead that feeling of “laziness,” can actually be a combination of repressed feelings we choose not to explore or even express. A few of my favorite points from the article are the following:

  1. “Overwhelmed:You’ve allowed it to pile on – the tasks, the goals, the dreams, the need to do it all yourself, and to make sure it’s perfect. You’ve taken on the responsibility, and with it the guilt, the stress and the inability to admit you’re human. You’ve taken on so much that you soon can’t see straight and so it all just sits, staring you in the face while you freak out, settle for spending your time on Facebook, or curl up with Haagen-Daz while you quietly fail. It doesn’t make you lazy; it makes it impossible to move when you’re buried so deep.

  2. Uninspired:People seem to resist this one the most. Most of us just don’t want to admit that not enjoying something – not feeling inspired – is okay. Well, let me tell you…it’s okay. It’s okay to not enjoy washing the dishes or not be inspired to work today. It’s okay to find that class boring and choose to pursue what you love instead. If it’s something you feel is necessary, question yourself – maybe it’s not necessary after all, or maybe there’s a way to change it into something you can love. What’s so wrong with that?

  3. Stuck:You’re tired, overwhelmed, uninspired, afraid, hurting, uninspired and you don’t know how to get past it. You may not even know what it is you’re trying to get past. You try something new only to spin your wheels. You’re living your life on repeat, with the same worn out patterns and themes playing again and again. I know “stuck” well. Those barriers are what I’m known for helping others DIG IN to and overcome.”

All in all, we can sometimes get caught up in the blame game using laziness as an excuse when in fact there are other issues we haven’t addressed in our lives. Sure, there are days when you might actually just not feel like doing anything for the sake of not doing anything. But, I know for me a lot of the reasons mentioned above and the others listed in that article apply to me.

So what have you been ignoring lately that might be the real reason for you remaining stagnant? You don’t have to comment it, just write it down and make that one of your goals for the week. If you can’t think of anything, that is fine too. No matter what, I hope that you all have an amazing last week of May and excellent first week of June. Until next time 🙂





Serenity, Smiles and Positive Vibes,








Ms. Royale


6 thoughts on “More to Life Monday: Maybe You’re Just Lazy

  1. This hit the nail on the head. Funny I was just saying it like 2 days ago, sometimes you have to literally do things on purpose for a purpose. Think about what needs to get done and your more likely to go get it done. But if you don’t think about what needs your attention and intentionally say I will do such and such at this time , you are more likely not going to get anything accomplished. I can also completely relate to the ‘lazy’ part. Sometimes your just planned old tired but I think eating healthy and exercise can also help dig you out of feeling so tired , especially if you have done nothing all day long and are still tired. That could be that uninspired part. Sorry for my long comment. Lol. I enjoyed this read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No need to be sorry! This is an awesome comment that I think helps add to the discussion. I’m sure it will help someone else just like helped me. Eating right & exercise is definitely something has helped me feel more inspired in the past. I’ve gotta get back to that routine. I’m glad you enjoyed he read and thank you for your comment ☺️


  2. I love how you mentioned about purpose and intention because often times when I felt like I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, esp from watching other people’s progress online, i’d get a boost of energy like you and start being productive. Although it’s a good thing to be in action, I felt like my intentions were off and found myself experiencing the same self pity over and over again. I never addressed the root causes. This post has made me realise this pattern i’ve been going through. Thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow that is awesome!! Love love love that this post was able to help you get some insight on your own journey. That truly warms my heart and is exciting to know that I’m not alone in this. We must take action in our own time and for a true purpose, NOT to be like everyone else. 😊


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