Daily Quotes of Splendor #1

Sometimes we are so focused on doors that aren’t meant to be opened for us, that we ignore the ones that are meant for us and that are already open. Other times we get so caught up on having had a door closed in our face. But the truth is none of this matters if you 1. Have patience, 2. Seek to find another door that will open and 3. Find the one that is meant for you.

Once you find the door that only you have the keys to, all other things will come together at the end. Find an entrance that works for you and walk through that one with power and in confidence because you deserve it.







P.S. Please ignore the ridiculous nickname I once had for myself on social media, I can explain that in another post if you all would like LOL 🙂




Serenity, Smiles and Positive Vibes,




Ms. Royale


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