Closing the Chapter of Yesterday

‪There are chapters in your life that are begging to be closed, but you are unwilling to do so because you’re afraid you’ll miss that familiarity. In order to move forward or to progress in life you’ve got to do just that, move forward. Remaining stagnant in a position, a place or a relationship that has expired will only confine you to you past.

Besides who wants to live in a time machine of their yesteryears? Of course we may get nostalgic about our lives prior to today but there is so much beauty to take  in today’s moments too. Embrace that! Also, there is even more beauty on its way too in your future. ‬

‪A lot of us complain that we’re hungry for the next chapter but continue flipping back to the old ones.‬ This message might be hitting home for some of you but what I want you to understand is that I am simply reiterating what your soul already knows. Within in us are answers we seek on the outside everyday and those are the same answers God and the universe have already instilled in us. You know what it is that you need to do next so just do it.

So please stop dragging your feet in the mud of yesterday & plant your feet on the concrete of today. Tomorrow’s not here yet so don’t get stuck wallowing in what isn’t yet either. Those chapters that are begging to be closed will not stop teaching you the same old lessons until you finally take that step.

Do it now.

P.S. While this could be used for my Focus Friday post please stay tuned for the official post later today. I just felt this message on my spirit today prior to work and felt compelled to share it. 

Serenity, Smiles, and Positive Vibes,

Ms. Royale 


Author: Sophonie

Sophonie is a Creative Writer, the founder and content provider of She Is Splendid Blog, the S'ak Pase With Sophonie Podcast and the CEO of Splendid Writing Services. She obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Montclair State University with a minor in Creative Writing and African-American Studies. Further, she is finding the beauty in everyday life while making mogul moves to become a full time creative.

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