30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 25- Bag Lady

Today’s topic is kind of funny to me because for 1) I love Erykah Badu’s song Bag Lady and 2) Ever since I began wearing purses I’ve always been considered the bag lady. No matter what you needed in school, believe me I would have it for you. From lotion to body spray, band aids etc. I’ve toned it down a little as of late but there was literally a time in high school when I walked around with a mini first aid kit. My friends would laugh at me for it but I bet you can guess who they’d hit up if they scraped their leg in gym class. I was also the “plug” for the gum back in the day but I no longer chew gum so don’t hit me up for it.


The Contents of My Purse This Week…ignore the spoon y’all or don’t…


As of right now, you would still find lotion and other hygienic products in my bag. Of course you would also find a wallet, random earring studs or backs to earrings, a bottle of water (I never leave home without it), some lip balm, a small brush or comb if I’m wearing one of my wigs that day, and lately I carry around my eyebrow brush.

A Closeup…I clearly love me some Bath & Body Works 😉

Lately, I’ve also been carrying around a book to keep me from aimlessly scrolling through social media during my times of boredom in the day. Sometimes you will also find my idea book along with my planner depending on where I am headed for the day.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound as junky as I assumed it would. Now in the words of Capital One, what’s in your wallet or purse?



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