30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 19- Nicknames Galore

Today’s challenge asks what are some “nicknames you have; why do you have them?”

Okay so this will be quick! A few nicknames that I have include Sophie, Soso, Fifi [Fee-Fee], and Soph. Growing up, everyone around me called me Sophie which is short for my full name, Sophonie. Honestly it wasn’t until I learned to write my name in kindergarten that I even realized my real name was actually quite lengthy. So you can imagine that learning to write my name was very challenging.


Most friends will call me Soso for short as a little joke but nothing serious. The only person who calls me Fifi or has is my mother so I hold that nickname near and dear to me. Now that I think about it, one of my uncles on my mom’s side calls me Pho-Pho (LOL) and always has since I was a young girl. Anyways, Soph is name that I’ve usually heard from people randomly but it never sticks. I think it usually slips out when they’re being lazy but I don’t really consider it a real nickname of mine.

Alrighty, with that said, what are some of your nicknames? If you don’t have any, what nickname would you choose for yourself?


Author: Sophonie

Sophonie, aka Ms. Royale, is a Creative Writer, the founder and content provider of She Is Splendid Blog, the S'ak Pase With Sophonie Podcast and the CEO of Splendid Writing Services. She obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Montclair State University with a minor in Creative Writing and African-American Studies. Further, she is finding the beauty in everyday life while making mogul moves to become a full-time freelance writer, actress and overall full time creative.

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