30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 15- Everyday I’m Shufflin’

I am officially 15 days into my 30 days of me challenge and I am super excited. For those who might be unaware the reason behind this challenge is to enhance my consistency with blogging. Therefore I took it upon myself to make writing/blogging a daily habit.

Alright so today’s challenge is another favorite because it is involves one of my favorite topics which is MUSIC. It’s also very simple, all it asks for is to “Put your iPod on shuffle, First 10 songs that play.” Don’t mind the iPod comment, this challenge is clearly a little outdated LOL so I will be using my Tidal account for this since that is where I listen to my daily playlists. Anyways, this should be quite the ride as I have a varying taste in music. I will add the links to the songs just for some added fun. Here we go!


1. Push It-O.T. Genasis                            

Man this song brings me back to my short lived time in New Orleans. I would legit play this song as morning motivation before work. Imagine your teacher rolling up to school with this playing, weird right? Welp I was that teacher. But you know what, it reminded me that I needed to “Push it, push it, push it and go get the money!” and that’s what I did until I left.

2. Just Wanna See You Dance-Lukay

Okay so this song gets me really hype for two reasons, 1) Not only does it sound great but it has an Afro-Beat/Caribbean vibe to it, and 2) It’s sung by my cousin who is a super dope artist based in Canada. You all should check out him out, I promise you’ll want to get up and dance! You can hear all his music on most if not all streaming platforms (i.e. Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc.) You can follow him on Instagram @lukaymusic, like him on Facebook @lukaymusic as well and check out more info about him by visiting his website.

3. Prepared- Jill Scott

I think when I saved this song on my playlist it was around the time that I had just quit my job or when I knew it was time to do so. Even though the lyrics kind of hint at a woman who is preparing for marriage, I took it as encouragement for me preparing myself for my future success. Society gets us all up in arms about finding love in others when the first person we need to find that with is ourselves. 

4. 24 Hours-G4shi

One day I randomly stumbled across this song and fell in love with its message. Yeah there is a little profanity but relax there is a good theme to it. I promise you it was on my gym playlist for a good two weeks straight. The hook says “We got the same 24 hours. If you can do it better than me then do it motherf*****.” The overall theme is really inspirational to me because it reminds me that when I compare myself to those who have reached their peak of success the only thing we all have in common is the amount of time in each day. It reminded me that if I really want what I desire then I need to use each hour of the day to its fullest potential.

5. LOVE- Kendrick Lamar, Zacari

This song comes from Kendrick aka Kung Fu Kenny’s latest album DAMN which I loved by the way. This one has such a smooth vibe to it that it reminds me of honey being poured into a hot cup of tea. No seriously, listen to it…now! It made me want fall in love. I literally listened to this every day after the album had dropped. Thanks for this one Kendrick; it’s definitely one of my favs off the album.

6. Alright- Logic, Big Sean

Logic is a new rapper whose music I am in love with. His flow is dope and no offense to other new rappers but I can understand each word he says. Anyways, overall this song reminds me to “Get my mind right,” as Logic repeats in the hook. If you’re a rap fan I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.

7. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue- Curtis Mayfield

Alright so the next two songs are just a glimpse of my love for old school soul and R&B. Curis Mayfield, rest his soul, was one of the most politically and socially conscious charged artists. Most of my favorite songs by him involve the issues of Black life in American society. This song is 6 minutes long with good reason because it focuses on the issue of colorism within the Black community. Essentially it highlights the fact that regardless of what your skin tone is when you are Black you are just that. I appreciate this take on the issue and it reminds me of “The Story of OJ,” from Jay-Z’s latest album 444.

8. Best Thing You Did For Me- Dee Dee Sharp

Now this song I just discovered two weekends ago while listening to an old school radio playlist. I got sucked right into loving the song because the first line sums it all up by saying “The best thing you did for me was set me free.” When I tell y’all that part is all I needed! The first person that came to mind was honestly my ex. While washing dishes I really began to come to the conclusion that had I remained in that relationship all throughout college and my early 20s I would have no clue who I am or what it is that I want. So thank you for that. Thank you so much for letting me go.

9. Smile-V. Bozeman, Timbaland

One day at work I decided to find a feel good playlist and this is one of the songs that came up on it. I don’t care what kind of music you’re into, this song sounds good! V. Bozeman’s voice is so silky and powerful. Also, of course Timbaland added his magic touch on the beat and his own vocals complemented with V. Bozeman’s is just the right match needed to move the song along. It makes me just want to dance in the park dressed in a flowy summer dress.

10. Love Drought- Beyoncé

Last but certainly not least is this song by the lovely Queen Bey. Yes I am a member of the #Beehive so act accordingly LOL. Anyways, this was definitely one of my favorites from Lemonade. Honestly this is another song that makes me wish I had someone to dedicate it to but in the meantime it’s about me. As Bey says “The only way to go is up,” and she later sings “You and me could move a mountain.” I feel like those lyrics resonate with my current mood in life. I am a force by myself that can move mountains with my faith and I’m only going up from here.


Alright, so which one of my fellow music lovers want to join in on this challenge?

Come on, you know you want to! Put your music playlist on shuffle and type the first 5 or 10 songs that come on. I’d love to see how similar or even different our tastes in music may be. Also, comment below which song from this list is your new favorite or if one of these were already one of your favorites.





Author: Sophonie

Sophonie, aka Ms. Royale, is a Creative Writer, the founder and content provider of She Is Splendid Blog, the S'ak Pase With Sophonie Podcast and the CEO of Splendid Writing Services. She obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Montclair State University with a minor in Creative Writing and African-American Studies. Further, she is finding the beauty in everyday life while making mogul moves to become a full-time freelance writer, actress and overall full time creative.

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