30 Days of Me Challenge: Day 6-Favorite Superhero

Today’s challenge is “Favorite superhero and why.”

My Favorite Super Hero has always been Spider Man. I don’t really have an elaborate reason why but his day to day character, Peter Parker, has always resonated with me. I think it is mainly based on how he’s this regular kid who goes to school, minds his business and then all of a sudden he’s kicking bad guy ass all over New York city (I may not kick ass physically but I do intellectually).

As a kid I most certainly always felt out of place and I’m sure Spider Man has felt the same way. Also, if there is one thing I’ve always found weird about myself is my ability to have a strong sense about certain things pertaining to particular people, places and situations. While I may not always use that ability, I know that it exists. Growing up in the church I was introduced to that ability as something called “The gift of discernment.” So when I consider my natural sense of discernment, I think it resonates with Spider Man’s spidey senses. He could sense everything around him and this helped him to carry out his missions even better. Also, being an introvert I have always found it safer to be extremely observant before diving into social settings full throttle. Overall, Spider Man is my fav because we both have to use our “spidey senses” to efficiently navigate this strange but awesome journey called life.



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