Focus Friday’s #3: Distracted…or Nah?

Think back to the last time you went to the movies. After the theatre has run its 7,000 trailers back to back causing your assigned show to really start a whole 30 minutes after the time printed on your ticket, there is one more ad that pops up on the screen. As a matter of fact it’s not even an ad, it’s more of a warning if you will. It’s similar to the teachers from back in the day scratching the chalkboard with that pale yellow, dusty piece of broken up chalk or with her nails.

Nails against blackboard which says homework.A2BFW8

The ad goes: MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. DON’T RUIN THE SHOW FOR THOSE AROUND YOU. Something along those lines is what you see. Now how many of us actually turn off our phones or even on silent for that matter? Most of us will put it on silent but some people don’t even have the decency to that. Also, consider how many times you answered a text in the middle of the movie or for some of us a call.

Now consider this, reminisce on the last time you went out to eat. Not a fancy lunch date or anything, but how many pictures did you snap? I mean you know we’ve got to share it with the rest of the world because all of our food looks super different (I just did this last Friday). Okay some of our food does look very different. The point is instead of going to the movies or out to eat for the simple pleasure of enjoying life, we are prone to sharing what should be sometimes a very private or personal moment with everyone else. Perhaps that is where we went wrong in this new age of technology…or not. I personally am one of those people sometimes and no it’s not because I’m a millennial. Hell, baby boomers and such do it as well…maybe not as much as we do BUT still.


Look, as much as we enjoy sharing our physical timeline with our “followers,” or “friends,” or “foes” (yes, because some of y’all be having haters on your page you’re unaware of…filter you friend list), it’s important to limit these distractions in our lives. If we are constantly caught up in displaying how well we are doing in life, when will we ever have time to actually just enjoy ourselves? Now if you are a business person in some capacity and you are required to share exquisite photos of your gourmet food then by all means BUT if not try to challenge yourself to be more present in the moment. Enjoy your time because you truly do NOT to show your ex boo or what have you that you are out bouncing back just right.

Imagine that, no phones, no attachment to social media or seeking out what the next person is doing. While I won’t lie I am one of those people more times than not, I also think it is important to take a step back from that and focus on what really matters most. The constant need to distract ourselves with a gadget shoved all in our faces limits us from tapping into what is really going on within our spirits. Is there something that God has been trying to tell you but you can’t hear it? Well you won’t know for sure unless you silence the noise. Give yourself quiet time to reflect on life. Now for some this comes in the form of prayer, for others it might be meditation and for other people it may simply be a quick reflection. Whatever it is, give yourself that time. You deserve to rid yourself of distractions.


When we are constantly distracted by smaller, and mostly unimportant habits, we are inhibiting ourselves from making big steps towards progress. Consider how much time you spend scrolling through Facebook or watching other people, mainly celebrities live out their wildest dreams. For me, I enjoy watching DJ Khaled’s snaps and he is most certainly inspirational. However, if I want to be on his level then I need to work my behind off which requires me not to spend most of my day observing how well he is living out his “major keys.” You see there are so many of us who have these huge goals but not enough momentum to push our potential into kinetic force. We have got to rid ourselves of the small distractions, readjust our focus onto what is most important, and hit the gas.

It is said that good things comes to those who wait and I’m here to say success comes to those who discipline themselves to eliminate distractions from their lives.

While I do fully understand that there are certain psychological differences that can cause us not to have the same range of discipline to remain focused. With that said, this post may not apply in the same way to my people who suffer from ADHD or ADD.

Nevertheless, I can personally testify that I am very attached to my phone and I tend to get distracted quite often. In fact as I was sitting here in my favorite café typing this up I had the urge to pick my phone several times but discipline kept me from giving into temptation. No lie, this last hour has been hard as hell!

But honestly, I hate that attachment but I convince myself by remembering how much money I pay every month that is okay. Anyhow, I want you all to try to challenge yourself. Each day find about 5 minutes to refrain from touching your phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever gadget you find yourself attached to. Then each day add 5 minutes to that and by the end of the week you’ll have 25 minutes (Yes I’m talking 5 days not including the weekend because we’ve got to share our club moments on Snapchat…duh!) to refrain from electronics.

But seriously…


P.S. See how hungry this lion looks? Be like lion, be so hungry for success that your distractions fall by the wayside 🙂

Serenity, Smiles & Positive Vibes,

Ms. Royale


Author: Sophonie

Sophonie is a Creative Writer, the founder and content provider of She Is Splendid Blog, the S'ak Pase With Sophonie Podcast and the CEO of Splendid Writing Services. She obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Montclair State University with a minor in Creative Writing and African-American Studies. Further, she is finding the beauty in everyday life while making mogul moves to become a full time creative.

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