(S.I.S)-She Is Splendid

For many years I have been searching for something to fill in missing pieces within my life. Often times I tell others that I want to do this or I want to do that but I don’t do those things. If there is anything that I have learned within my last 21 years on this earth, it is that I am the sole enemy of myself for holding my life’s potential from becoming kinetic movement. So She Is Splendid or S.I.S. is my personal gift to myself in order that I begin propelling my potential forward.

I have realized that my soul is the main source of energy needed to propel my life forward and girl do I have a strong soul! Last but certainly not least, seeking God first in all that I do has been and will always be my first step to any change in my life. So in the spirit of God and of my ancestors who have left behind a legacy for myself along with other women of color to continue, I bring to you She Is Splendid aka S.I.S.: A Safe Space Blog for my fellow Women of Color and an inspirational corner for those who are in need of a pick me up for the day. Welcome to my circle of Splendid-Hood! I truly hope that you enjoy your stay.

-Soso Royale


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